Hunt for JOY: The Healing Powers of Prayer and Charity

Healing Through Prayer and Charity – More than 50 % of the profits are donated to the organizations above

Hunt & Gather is the spiritual and epicurean testimony of an avid new hunter.  Jennifer shares her love of the outdoors and years of nutritional research on whole foods in this autobiographical guide to clean eating and positive thinking.  This LIFE book is meant to be read from cover to cover, to inspire the reader to get outdoors, get cooking, and get healthy – and ultimately happy – not necessarily to hunt.

Hunting just happens to be the sport that led Jennifer to God, and has changed her life forever.  She outlines her journey of prayer and charity in:

At age 39, I have more energy and faith than ever.  It is my ultimate prayer that you share in this feeling.  God Bless.  –  Jen Hoyt Lalli