Hunt for JOY: Your Recipe for Happiness

Hunt & Gather is the spiritual and epicurean journey of an avid new hunter.  This life book, rather than cookbook, is for carnivores and vegans alike.  Prefaced by Pastor Shake Smith and peppered with relevant Scripture, it is intended to inspire a deliciously peaceful life.


Hunt for JOY is a company dedicated to nourishing the spiritually and physically hungry.


Dr. Jennifer Lalli’s cookbooks validate the healing powers of whole grains, lean meat, and prayer. With a Ph.D. in polymer chemistry, she used her laboratory and literature review expertise to develop delicious whole grain recipes for every day enjoyment. Along the way, she took up hunting under her husband’s tutelage. On their hunt for deer, they found God. Venison has changed their lives forever. Through these recipes, Jennifer healed herself physically and spiritually. Hunt & Gather is the first in a series of cookbooks that celebrate the outdoors and God’s bountiful gifts.

The 2nd Edition of Hunt & Gather is now available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon