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Not just a Cookbook, but a LIFE Book

Hunt & Gather is a spiritual and culinary testimony on the healing powers of whole grains, lean meat, and faith. Dr. Jennifer Hoyt Lalli, a carnivore at heart, shares her passion for venison, and how she reclaimed her health with whole grains. In Hunt & Gather, Jennifer guides the reader through a transcendent epicurean journey. It begins with the nutrition of venison, whole grains, and prayer.

The first Chapter, for the Carnivores, instructs the reader on how to prepare delectable meals with healthy, tender, non-gamey venison or any lean meat. It includes a tutorial on dressing, preserving, fileting, and cooking to the cut, rather than the recipe. Three modern American-Ethnic fusion dishes are provided for each filet of venison. The following Chapters, save a few pats of butter and eggs, have interestingly resulted in a largely vegan cookbook.

The second chapter, for the Grainiacs, details all of the major whole grains and how to prepare them. It includes deliciously innovative recipes that will inspire readers to make whole grains a part of their daily routine. The remaining chapters: for the Breadlers, Omnivores, Frugivores, and Sweet Hearts encourage a well balanced diet. Hunt & Gather concludes with Lessons Learned in the Kitchen, Field, and Life to encourage overall well-being, charity, and peace.

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Jennifer Hoyt LalliJennifer Hoyt Lalli is a native of Swoyersville, PA. She received her Ph.D. in Polymer Chemistry from Virginia Tech, and is the President of NanoSonic, Inc., a company putting nanotechnology to work, in Giles County, VA.

After years of research in the field and kitchen, she formed Hunt for JOY, L.L.C. to publish her most significant findings to date – that prayer and chemistry through nutrition – are capable of healing. She currently resides in Blacksburg, VA with her husband, Chris. Together, they hunt, gather, and celebrate life.